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Outdoor Residential Flagpoles – Wood, 1 Piece

One-piece wood pole with lacquered finish wood ball top or gilt spear. 1-Piece Wood Pole with Ball Top (shown here with adjustable bracket and 3x5 nylon flag)

Outdoor Residential Flagpoles – Sunsetter

The six-foot sunsetter pole features:
  • Heavy duty rust-proof aluminum pole;
  • Beatiful white-baked enamel finish;
  • No ropes to snarl or hardware to clang against the pole. Flags fly freely without tangling;
  • Topped by an anodized Gold Ball;
  • Easily adjustable angled mount.
6' Sunsetter Pole, shown with 3x5' polyester flag

Outdoor Residential Flagpoles – Wood, 2 Piece

Two piece wood pole with sturdy plastic screw joint, lacquered finish wood ball top.

Outdoor Residential Flagpoles – Aluminum Free-Spin

Free-Spin poles are designed to prevent the flag from tangling on the pole. The top section rotates on ball-bearings ensuring the flag always drapes appropriately. There is no need for additional untangling accessories. Poles come with two collars to attach to a traditional flag header's grommets.
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