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Handheld / Cemetery / Parade US: 4 staples, 3/8″ x 30″ dowel, 2″ Gold Spear (also available with 5/16″ dowel).

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Veterans Grave Markers

Permanently antiqued and bronzed with clear plastic overcoating.

8″x12″ Cemetery

Handheld / Cemetery / Parade US: 3 staples, 3/8″ x 24″ dowel, 2″ Gold Spear. Pointed bottom for easy planting.

12″ X 18″ Firefighters Stick Flag

12" x 18" Poly printed flag on 30" dowel. Inscription reads "Loyal to Our Duty". The 30" staff is finished with a gold spearhead. Suitable for grave markers. Firefighters 12" x 18" flag on 30" wooden staff.

8″x12″ U.S. Spearhead (No-Fray)

Same as 8″x12″ Spearhead, but unhemmed.

12″x18″ U.S. Spearhead (No-Fray)

Same as 12″x18″ Spearhead, but unhemmed.

8″x12″ U.S. Spearhead

Handheld / Cemetery / Parade US: 3 staples, 5/16″ x 24″ dowel, 2″ Gold Spear.

4″x6″ Handheld

2 staples, 1/4″ x 10″ plastic balltop staff
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